~ Be a voice for change! They are all about support and connections, NO EGO or PERSONAL AGENDA. Within there are chatboards that can be restricted, anonymous and safe places to seek out support and information away from prying eyes. #PTSDchat is a weekly Twitter chat focused around discussions on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and happens every Wednesday at 6pm PST | 9 pm EST | 12am UTC time.
Each chat has a specific theme, ie: PTSD and Depression; PTSD Resources; and we often have a PTSD professional to host the chat and offer knowledge and guidance to our participants. Chat contributors can ask the host questions to help them with their PTSD. The chatboards are a way to keep connected and not feel like it’s a once a week thing.

I am one of the authors that post a Blog on this site! :) 

Peter Levine ~

Author of Healing Trauma & It Won't Hurt Forever made this superb ​CD ​set for survivors of incest, rape and other traumatic assaults on personal boundaries. The creator of Somatic Experiencing makes his brilliant, body-based exercises accessible and safe for listeners who suffer from a traumatic sexual history. His gentle explanations hit the mark, and the experiential segments are incremental and exactly right. 150 minutes

Belleruth Naparstek ~

This powerful, research proven guided imagery for PTSD, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue was found effective at reducing the distressing, persistent symptoms of posttraumatic stress. If you suffer from flashbacks, nightmares, sleep or concentration problems, hypervigilance, anxiety, panic, irritability, temper eruptions, emotional numbness, shame, isolation or loneliness, listen to this program on a regular basis, either alongside other therapies or as a stand-alone intervention. It is available in MP3 and Playaway as well as CD format. 

PTSD & SLEEP - Why do people with PTSD have sleep problems? Sleep problems are common with PTSD for a number of reasons. What can you do about it?? Take a look at this helpful resource from SLEEPOPOLIS


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