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A Safe Haven for transforming your Body/Mind/Spirit


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​​​I have a passion and desire to do MY part in connecting with trauma survivors and helping them to nurture Self Love! This can be very challenging after tragedy strikes and it can close your heart to the giving and receiving of love – which you desperately need for healing and deserve in your life!

I have had my share of tragedy such as witnessing domestic violence as a child, numerous health challenges, my mother’s murder, car accident, miscarriage, sexual assault, and a multitude of others.

I have also experienced 
TRIUMPH  and SUCCESS as a wife, mother, athlete, and in my career. I continue to push through my fears, dream big, and have loving people in my life! It is a continuous work in progress. ;)

My Podcast – 'Wise & Wacky Wounded Healer' will consist of episodes that nurture Self-Love through a
mind/body/spirit  approach by: 

  • providing education and coping skills for life after trauma
  • providing tools to help heal your inner child, teenager, adult self OR whoever was hurt. 
  • teaching self-care techniques
  • gaining confidence to share your story through writing, poetry, music, or public speaking
  • embracing your spiritual path and balancing it into your life
  • hearing personal testimonies from *me and other Wounded Healers as we share stories of Tragedy to Triumph

WACKY  part of the show is to help ALL of us remember how important laughter is for healing! I hope you learn to laugh at yourself, be SILLY, laugh at others and take a break from your everyday stressors.

Our traumas don’t define us, but our stories matter!

Trauma tries to steal/distort/hide your memories of love. It tries to close the door to your strengths, talents and passions. No more! This is YOUR body and mind and don't let anyone or anything take it away from you!! It’s time to let Love & Laughter back into your life!

I can’t wait to connect with you as well as learn from YOU! I will respond to your comments as much as possible and create shows based on your insights and questions.

Videos and Webinars will be coming along soon once I have a few Podcasts under my belt, so watch for it!

Give yourself permission to heal. Whatever you do....stay true to you!

~ Cheryl Mlcoch, LPC, Intuitive, Energy Healer