~ Hands-On Chakra Balancer ~

I have a Level 4 - 21st Century Energy Medicine Certification throughThe Deborah King Center

This is a traditional, hands-on energy-healing method for chakra balancing. I place my hands a few inches above your body 

  • You can either stand or lie down in a comfortable position
  • Spend some time belly-breathing to help you relax
  • I will say a prayer & set an intention for balancing and aligning your chakras
  • I will first check each chakra for balance by using my pendulum 
  • I will place one hand on a chakra until I feel the energy equalize and then move on to the next one
  • I will use my pendulum to check and make sure they are each balanced
  • I will make sure you feel safe and bring you up slowly 
  • I will have water for you to drink & be sure to continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Enjoy the rest of your day & come back whenever you need a tune up! :)


Note to my clients and visitors to this website: 

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60 minutes ~ $75.00

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With the extensive work done in the field of the seven major chakras, we have learned that people have at least a couple of chakras dysfunctional unless they have done a tremendous amount of personal work, meditation or journaling.

According to Spiritual Teacher Deborah King, each chakra represents an aspect of higher consciousness that is essential to a person’s life. As a system, the seven chakras integrate a person’s mind, body and spirit; and each has a physical, emotional, creative, and celestial component. At a basic level, a person’s emotional and physical health is directly dependent on well-functioning chakras. 

Keeping our physical body alive, healthy and functioning well is a complex exercise in balancing. It's called homeostasis, and it keeps all the chemicals, hormones, and processes of our body in harmony with each other. If our body deviates from a state of homeostasis, we're in trouble.

In the same way, our chakras must be in balance and aligned with each other.

When our chakras (or any aspect of our energy system) are out of balance, it can have a profound impact on our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. When they are out of balance/alignment, both our bodies and our lives are likely to be out of balance as well. We may find that we are illness- or accident-prone, or that our lives are unhappy, unsatisfying, or chaotic. 

Sound healing expert Jonathan Goldman compares the body to a musical orchestra, where the individual players represent physical or energetic organs. If one "instrument" (like a chakra) gets off tune or out of balance, the sound of the entire orchestra (the health of your entire body) is off, and pretty soon the other players (other part of your physical or energetic system) start to veer off-tune, too.

Many energy healers will be able to perceive your chakras and whether they are balanced, open, and healthy. But it's not really necessary to be able to perceive them in order to evaluate them and their state of balance, because when there is an imbalance in your chakra system, it will eventually manifest in your body, emotions, thoughts, or your life. In other words, it will show up clearly in the physical world at some point.

How would a person with a healthy, balanced chakra system most likely look?

  • body is healthy enough to support individual spiritual journey/fulfillment of life purpose
  • well grounded, secure, confident, in touch with their own body
  • in touch with their emotions, but not overwhelmed by them
  • comfortable with their own sexuality
  • self-confident, able to manifest their desires without dominating others
  • compassionate, loving, healthy relationships; in touch with nature
  • able to express own truth, to listen as well as speak, to create
  • intellect balanced with wisdom, in touch with intuition
  • sense of connection with the divine 

        ~Nancy Hausauer / Energy Healer

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