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Embracing Emotional Pain vs Drowning In It  

Holding on to the secrets of our past pain will grow like a cancer inside of us if we don't release it. Read how learning to embrace your pain can begin to set you free and turn your wounds into wisdom. Continue reading....

~Cheryl Mlcoch, LPC

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What I Have Learned From My Traumas So Far  

Complex Trauma can create an enormous amount of confusion. Most of all, it can create LIES within us that grow like a cancer. Trauma tries to hide/distort/bury our memories of love as well as the truth of who we really are! Our Soul becomes fragmented and we can give up on putting the many pieces of ourselves together again. One day, I decided I no longer wanted to live fragmented. Jaded. Lost. Believing I was unlovable….because deep down, I knew it wasn’t true. Continue reading....

~Cheryl Mlcoch, LPC

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