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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Intuitive, Medium, and Energy Healer,  I hold a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. I have a Level 4 - 21st Century Energy Medicine Certification through The Deborah King Center and I am a Transformation Oracle Certified Reader ~ trained by Sonya Shannon / Visionary Artist, Reader, Author. I have also attended several trainings in Spirit Art and Psychic Detective  work and currently working with a group on Cold Cases around the U.S. I have a vast number of continuing education hours in the areas of trauma recovery, anxiety, suicidal ideation, grief/loss, energy medicine, intuitive development, and have always made exercise & nutrition a major part of my lifestyle.

I have over ​15 years of experience in the Mental Health field including group therapy, keynote speaker at workshop trainings, ER crisis worker, working with adults and youth who have experienced murder or suicide in their family, specialized treatment for children in foster care, counseling youth in mandated drug court treatment programs, couples counseling, and treating clients who are part of many different faiths including Christian, Spiritualism, the LDS faith, Catholicism, and more. My ​12 years in the field of Physical Health involved personal training, fitness instructor, Physical Therapy, CPR instructor, and coaching high school & youth sports. It saved my life in so many ways when I was struggling with severe anxiety and self-worth as a youth and young adult.

​My broad life and work experience help me to relate to a variety of Teens, Adults, and Couples. The many traumas I have endured ~ my mother's murder, living with an autoimmune disease, child of alcoholic parents, living through F4 tornado, sexual assault, car accident, surviving complications from surgeries, and others have helped me to look within and understand my life's mission! Gaining a strong awareness of who you are and accepting what you can and can't control will help you build strength and wisdom to take action in showing the world your true colors. 

​​I have had very strong Intuition ever since I was a child and kept it very hidden for many reasons. It saved me in more ways than I can express! I now embrace this ability and combine Intuitive Healing in my practice to help you to become more aware of where your pain resides, how it is affecting you, and provide healing tools to open up your heart and mind to releasing your hidden pain. Of course, I do not offer this without your full permission and desire. Learn more about my Intuitive & Mediumship Readings HERE.

Energy Healings are also a huge part of my practice. I will clear your Chakras to help your Mind/Body/Soul function more properly as well as give you messages from Spirit on how to keep all parts of you moving in the direction of your highest good. 

I would be honored to begin helping you on your journey of personal growth! When you begin balancing and strengthening your Mind/Body/Soul, your HEART begins to fully open and allow in the nourishment of Love. This is where the real healing begins and your purpose begins to unfold! ​​​

You have every right to Live your Life!  
You have many gifts & talents and the world needs you.

Education & Training:

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License & Certificates:

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Private Practice in Fort Collins & Loveland, CO

01/2017 to current

​​​​​Private Practice in Parker, CO 

11/2014 to 12/2016

Group Practice in Centennial, CO

8/2010 to 10/2014

​Counseling Agency in Centerville, UT


Counseling Internships:

- ER Crisis Worker

- Foster Care Agency

- Youth Drug Court Program

CO License #LPC 0005731 (2010) *current

UT License #LPC 6075146-6004 (2009)
UT License #CPCI 6075146-6009 (2005)

​- Level 4 Energy Medicine 

Certification through the Deborah King Center 

- Transformation Oracle Certified Reader from Sonya Shannon Visionary Artist

Professional Background:

​​​​B.S. Exercise Science

Ball State University 1991

M.S. Mental Health Counseling

University of Phoenix 2005

Taught & attended a variety of workshops and training classes including:

- energy healing/medicine

- intuitive and psychic development

- psychic detective / cold cases

- spirit art & mediumship

- guided meditation

- trauma recovery

- suicidal ideation & previous attempts

- anxiety

- grief & loss

Let's find your

path to healing. 

*I stay consistently involved with our holistic community and take online or in-person trainings to remain educated in the services I offer.

Cheryl Mlcoch, M.S., LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor, Intuitive, Medium, Energy Healer