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​​​​​ Are you searching for someone who......

​​​* Can relate to you on a variety of levels
​* Offers a combination of healing modalities such as intuitive counseling, energy healing, 
nutrition, & physical activity

* Educates you on why you act & feel the way you do
* Challenges you to magnify your strengths
* Desires to help you connect to your higher self and ignite passion into your life
* Is honored to support you

We all have different ways of navigating through the ebbs and flows of life.  Sometimes we forget who we are, what we are great at, that we are not alone...and that we are all connected.

When you learn to open your heart to the many ways of self discovery, healing, and living your true self ~ it is life changing!

I want to help you gain personal awareness of why you have the challenges you do, learn to explode your strengths, and discover your path to healing in order to live your best life. 

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

​I am truly grateful to have embraced my abilities of claircognizance (knowing), clairsentience (feel emotions & physical sensations), clairaudience (hearing),

and at times...clairvoyance (seeing). Combining these abilities with my degrees in

Mental Health Counseling, Exercise Science and healing from numerous traumas ~

I do my very best to fulfill my role as a healer to others.

Please take a moment to get to know me a bit more as well as my offerings. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to me today! You deserve happiness and the world

needs your gifts & talents.

I'm ready to begin this journey together when you are!

Email: cheryl@woundedhealercounseling.com


Let's find your

path to healing.

A Safe Haven for transforming your Body/Mind/Spirit

My broad life and work experience help me to relate to a variety of people. The many traumas I have endured ~ my mother's murder, living with an autoimmune disease, child of alcoholic parents, living through F4 tornado, sexual assaults, car accident, surviving complications from surgeries, miscarriage, and others have helped me to look within and understand my life's mission. Gaining a strong awareness of who you are and accepting what you can and can't control will help you build strength and wisdom to take action in showing the world your true colors.

​​Many of us walk around each day feeling like something big is missing -- an empty space in our life that needs to be filled -- and we end up filling it with meaningless material. We become frozen in the
 giving & receiving of love to ourselves and others. When we display these physical & emotional symptoms, our bodies are sending us signals we need to pay attention to. Allow yourself to listen. Our bodies could simply be saying......"FEED MY SOUL"! It's time to be a Human Being rather than a Human Doing!

I believe the truth lies in your story. We are all wounded in some way. Unraveling your truth can be life changing ~ so let's begin uncovering your truth & wisdom so you can live the life you are truly meant to live. Understanding your wounds can not only set you free to HEAL, but open your heart to living your passion(s)! We don't all heal the same way, so let's find YOUR path to healing.

It is time to invest in YOU and give yourself 
the gifts of:​

- Balancing your emotional/spiritual/physical health

- Permission to heal

- Acknowledging and moving through your fears & embracing your emotions

- Creating healthier relationships

There is no one else like you and you were meant to share your gifts with the world! Don't wait another day. Start investing in YOU today.


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