Cheryl Mlcoch

LPC, Intuitive, Medium, Empath, Energy Healer

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They are not born and they are not made...
They create themselves through conquering adversity, trial and error,

and extreme pain and suffering.
​They conquer fear and find a way to speak their truth even when they are afraid.
In doing so they shine a light for others who are lost and feeling alone, and in return their

inner light ignites with renewed purpose.
A purpose greater than they could have ever imagined!
Turning wounds into wisdom & global healing.

​​We all have different ways of navigating through the ebbs and flows of life.  Sometimes we forget who we are, what we are great at, that we are not alone...and that we are all connected.

When you learn to open your wounded heart to the many ways of healing, this self-discovery is life changing! Together we will help you gain personal awareness, learn to explode your strengths, and discover your path to healing. 

My broad life and work experience help me to relate to a variety of Teens, Adults, and Couples. The many traumas I have endured ~ my mother's murder, living with an autoimmune disease, child of alcoholic parents, living through F4 tornado, sexual assault, car accident, surviving complications from surgeries, miscarriage, and others have helped me to look within and understand my life's mission. Gaining a strong awareness of who you are and accepting what you can and can't control will help you build strength and wisdom to take action in showing the world your true colors.

​​Many of us walk around each day feeling like something big is missing -- an empty space in our life that needs to be filled -- and we end up filling it with meaningless material. We become frozen in the
 giving & receiving of love to ourselves and others. When we display these physical & emotional symptoms, our bodies are sending us signals we need to pay attention to. Allow yourself to listen. Our bodies could simply be saying......"FEED MY SOUL"! It's time to be a Human Being rather than a Human Doing!

I believe the truth lies in your story. We are all wounded in some way. Unraveling your truth can be life changing ~ so let's begin uncovering your truth & wisdom so you can live the life you are truly meant to live. Understanding your wounds can not only set you free to HEAL, but open your heart to living your passion(s)!

None of us heal the same way, so it's important that we find what works for you!  It is time to invest in YOU and give yourself the gifts of:​

Balancing your emotional/spiritual/physical health

Permission to heal

Acknowledging and moving through your fears & embracing your emotions

Creating healthier relationships

  •  Can relate on a variety of levels?
  •  Gives you Wisdom with a dose of Wacky to keep you engaged?
  • ​ Offers a combination of healing modalities such as traditional counseling, energy healing, intuitive counseling & readings, physical activity,  and/or art  techniques rather than the typical sit down approach?
  •  Challenges you to magnify your strengths?
  •  Desires to help you connect to your Soul and ignite passion               into your life?
  •  Provides you with a relaxing office environment?
  •  Is honored to support you?​​

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